Welcome To My Blog

WelcomeTo MyBlog

Hello my dears,

My name is Julie and right now you are on my blog (in case you have not noticed yet).

Who am I?

As I have just said, my name is Julie. And I am a 15 years old girl living in Czech Republic (that’s a little country in the middle of Europe). I live there in a small village near a 20 000 town where I also go in school. I’m in the first year of high school.

I like learning languages and I think I am quite good at it as well. (I speak three languages fluently and I am learning three other.) I also like writing  and doing some simple graphics (like the one above). It is nothing special, I know, but it makes me happy – which is the main reason why I am doing it.

2015-02-19 15.04.05
And this is me. In the middle of February. I wanted a selfie with my dog but the dog wasn’t into it at all.

Why did I start blogging?

Before this, one I had plenty of blogs. Most of them were on a Czech blogging platform and the last one was on Blogger. On none of them, I was successful so I gave up very early.

But last year I started another blog. I was planning to share there some of the stories I had written. Sometimes I got comments, sometimes I didn’t. But I endured and checked the blog (almost) every day.

Then, inspired by the success of other bloggers, I decided to take blogging a bit more seriously. I joined some Facebook groups, changed the design of my blog and started writing posts very different from those I posted before. And it worked.

I got visits, I got comments and I was so happy about it. Then I started thinking: if I like English so much and blogging so much, why don’t I start blogging in English? It would have so many benefits. I would be doing what I like to do and I would improve my English skills as well.

So I did it. And here I am.


(There was the blogging on Blogger part as well but as I was getting deeper and deeper into the international blogosphere – which is so different from the Czech one – I decided to move to WordPress which so many bloggers recommend.)

I hope you will have a nice time reading my posts…

(I’ll be glad if you leave some comments. Feel also free to check out and follow me on my other social media. You can also subscribe to my blog via email so you never miss any posts.)

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