4 Tips What To Do If You Oversleep

4 Tips What To Do If You Oversleep

(This is a moved and updated article from my old blog.)

Yesterday I overslept. Yesterday, on the worst day even possible, I was sleeping like a little baby until my dad came to get me out of the bed. (God thank him!) And then I was in a big hurry…

And as always I couldn’t find anything. My bag wasn’t prepared. I didn’t know what I wanted to wear. And I spent too much time in front of the mirror instead of making me a proper breakfast. (Which I regretted later that day.) Then in school, I found out that nothing I had  in my bag I actually used. Simply: my whole day was in a big mess.

So today I have a few tips for you what to do if you oversleep…

1) Don’t panic.

When you find out you’ve overslept panicking is the worst thing what you can do. Don’t freak out. Just be calm. And everything is going to be fine. In your mind quickly plan everything you have to do e.g. Now I’m gonna pack my bag, I want to put this and that into it and then I’m going to…

Did you get it?

2) Choose your priorities.

In such morning, when you are in a hurry, you might not have enough time to do everything you usually do. So what to do?

Choose the most important.

If you know you can’t endure a day without a proper breakfast then have your breakfast and rather go in the same clothes as you went yesterday. If you think just a slice of bread with butter eaten on the way to school/work is enough for you till lunch you can have some more time in front of the mirror and make your hair look nice.

3) Speed up the entire morning.

When you oversleep you can’t spend an hour choosing what you’re going to wear today or cooking a rich breakfast. Or in front of the mirror making your makeup look perfect. You just have no time for that.

Everything has to be easy, quick and simple.

Have a quick breakfast. I can recommend some cereals or a bread with some butter, jam, honey or whatever you like and it’s easy and quick to make. And as for the drink, you can go with a glass of cold milk. But remember: No breakfast (and especially no drink in the morning) is not a solution!

4) Don’t be too choosy and picky.

(This point might be useless for boys but I’m going to include it anyway.) As I said in my previous tips. Speed it up. I suppose the most important thing for you is to be on time when you oversleep. That means sometimes you don’t have so much time to do your make-up or hair.

So my tip is, don’t bother with your look. Wear something you have worn before, just some jeans and a T-shirt for example. Make a ponytail or a bun. Wear no makeup or just a mascara (and concealer maybe if needed).

So that’s it. These are my tips. I hope you, at least, got their point. And I also hope it was, at least, a bit helpful for you. If you have any other tips, write them in the comments.

And see you next time!

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