How to clear up your mind

How ToClear Upour Mind

As I’m getting older, I find the Christmas time more and more stressful. And as it gets closer, it’s only worse. My head is full of Christmas gifts ideas and 24/7 I’m worried that I won’t be able to finish all the shopping in time and that I won’t have enough money, etc.

So I was thinking: How could I clear up my mind, fresh it up and get my thoughts organised? I found four which I’m going to share with you right now. I hope you find them useful as well as I did.

1) Clean up.

No-one can have a fresh and cleared up mind if everything around him is in a big mess. Or at least, I can’t (I’m not so sure if it’s the same in your case). So change it. Tidy up, organise your stuff, vacuum the floor, add some decorations, etc. Just do anything so that your house/flat/room looked nice and new again.

2) Get out.

I noticed this last year when I was often going home by bus and then had to walk about twenty minutes from the bus station. This was the time when  – although I was quite tired after a long day – I had the best ideas and I conceived the best scenes for my stories… And when I finally arrived home, I felt so fresh and motivated as well.

My advice is: Do the same! Just get out and have a walk. Go on your own (taking a dog with you is permitted), have no headphones on your head… I’ll surely be surprised how effective it is.

3) Rest.

I think a tired man can never have a fresh mind. So what I sometimes like to do is to have a day / some hours off. I sit/lay down, make some coffee/tea and snacks (like fruits cut into pieces or biscuits), crawl under a warm blanket and watch a movie.

4) Work manually.

You might think this is an absolute opposite from the last tip. Well, it is, I agree. But it’s also another way how to clear your mind. Try to find something easy and monotonous, something about which you do not have to thing so much. I recommend washing dishes, grass cutting (which probably isn’t the best example since it’s December) or baking Christmas cookies (that’s what I was looking for!).

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