Should I Start a Youtube Channel?

Should I start a Youtube Channel-

Hello my dears,

First things first: I’m not going to apologise for not posting since January the 1st. I could come with a ton of excuses but I cannot think about one single reason why should I do so… Although I did some very fun things during the past two months, so if any of you is interested, just tell me in the comments or contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

As you might already guess from the title and the picture above, today’s topic is going to be Youtube. Recently I found an article with ten questions you should ask yourselves before starting a Youtube channel and I thought it would be fun to answer them in a blog post. (Because why not…)

1) Why do you want to start a Youtube channel?

If you’ve read the first post on this blog (or the About me page), you already know why I’m blogging: to improve my English. And as far as I can say, it is working perfectly and I feel a lot more confident when writing in English. But writing isn’t the only part of a language.

If you are (or were) learning a foreign language, you know that it usually consists of 4 parts:

  1. Reading and Use of the language
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking

(Or at least, this is what the Cambridge’s FCE exam consists of.)

I think that I’m pretty good with the first two points and really good with the third one. But where I’m mostly unsure is speaking. Whenever I was participating a competition in English, there was a part where I had to speak in front of the jurors. And in two out of three cases, this was the part where I failed.

And I know why. Because I am always very nervous and unsure and I don’t have enough practice as I don’t get to speak as much as I’d like in my English class.

So the one and only reason why I want to start a Youtube channel is to improve my spoken English.

2) What will you make videos about?

If I start making videos on Youtube, I’ll most likely make them about my everyday life and about things that I like. Such as music, movies and TV shows and much more…

3. Is this a niche that you’re actually interested in?

Of course, I am! Or do you know any person who isn’t interested in their own life?

4. What audience are you targeting?

To be honest, I have no idea who my audience might be. In fact, I’ll be very surprised if I have any. But I can imagine that people who will potentially watch my videos could be as well as I am interested in improving in foreign languages… (But maybe I’m just very naive.)

5. Are other YouTubers serving this audience?

Again, I don’t know. Although, I know this Slovenian girl who makes videos in English though her mother tongue is Slovenian. And then there is PewDiePie who does gaming videos in English but is a Swede…

6. How often do you plan to upload new videos?

Not very often. Once or twice a month would be enough, I’d say. I really don’t want it to be my full-time interest or my only hobby. And I don’t want to spend all of my free evening editing videos. (Not to mention that I cannot to do so if I want my grades to be better.)

7. How are you going to make your videos?

At home, we have this a few years old camera which I think could do the job. Or at least in the beginning. And an editing program won’t be a problem for me…

8. How much time do you plan to spend on your YouTube efforts?

I’ve already said that I don’t want Youtube to be my hobby No. 1, but I can imagine preparing a video through one week (for example, when I’m in school), then shooting it editing on a weekend and posting it the next week.

And as for promotion, I really have nothing to do in school sometimes…

9. How patient are you?

If I want to, I can be very patient. I’ve been running my very first blog for about a year before I started noticing any success or any readers involving. And I really have no problem with not being very successful… (I might write a post about it. Or should I shoot a video?)

10. How are you going to measure your success?

As I said, I don’t care about the number of subscribers and views so much. All I care about is my spoken English improving and me being more confident when speaking. Which, at the moment, I am really not.

So, what do you thing? Does starting a Youtube channel seem like a good idea or not? You can tell me in the comments… Also,  don’t forget to check out my social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to my blog via e-mail so you don’t miss any updates.


5 thoughts on “Should I Start a Youtube Channel?

  1. These are such great questions to ask… I will have to ask them to myself! I bet making videos will help your english soooo much! Reading your post I would have had no clue you needed help with your english, you are doing a great job 🙂 . Can’t wait to see you videos
    Danielle |

    Liked by 1 person

    • What you said here made my day a lot better. Thank you so much! I am trying my best with my English but I still need a lot of help, though, especially when translating some words or more complicated sentences.


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