About me

Hello my dears,

My name is Julie and right now you are on my blog (in case you have not noticed yet).

Who am I?

As I have just said, my name is Julie. And I am a 15 years old girl living in Czech Republic (that’s a little country in the middle of Europe). I live there in a small village near a 20 000 town where I also go in school. I’m in the first year of high school.

I like learning languages and I think I am quite good at it as well. (I speak three languages fluently and I am learning three other.) I also like writing  and doing some simple graphics (like the one above). It is nothing special, I know, but it makes me happy – which is the main reason why I am doing it.

2015-02-19 15.04.05
And this is me. In the middle of February. I wanted a selfie with my dog, but the dog wasn’t into it at all.

Why did I start blogging?

Before this one, I had plenty of blogs. Most of them were on a Czech blogging platform and the last one was on Blogger. On none of them, I was successful so I gave up very early.

But last year I started another blog. I was planning to share there some of the stories I had written. Sometimes I got comments, sometimes I didn’t. But I endured and checked the blog (almost) every day.

Then, inspired by the succes of other bloggers, I decided to take blogging a bit more seriously. I joined some Facebook groups, changed the design of my blog and started writing posts very different from those I posted before. And it worked.

I got visits, I got comments and I was so happy about it. Then I started thinking: if I like English so much and blogging so much, why don’t I start blogging in English? It would have so many benefits. I would be doing what I like to do and I would improve my English skills as well.

So I did it. And here I am.


(There was the blogging on Blogger part as well but as I was getting deeper and deeper into the international blogosphere – which is so different from the Czech one – I decided to move to WordPress which so many bloggers recommend.)

I hope you will have a nice time reading my posts…